A Three Step Guide To Mapping Your Customer’s Journey From Awareness To Conversion

A Three Step Guide To Mapping Your Customer’s Journey From Awareness To Conversion

Everything you want to market, begins with a customer

Do you realize the importance of a single visitor?

Current visitors don’t just buy a product/brand which is put in front of them. It takes a detail oriented customer journey, mapped correctly from ‘Awareness-to Education-to Conversion’, to convert a prospective customer into a successful buyer.

Visitors interact with your brand six times on an average before they become buyers.

Considering the first interaction equivalent, to the sixth interaction, which means a prospective customer is lost! In a nutshell, if you are trying to convert visitors on their first interaction, then it could be considered a waste of time and energy. It might even drive them away.

As the number of marketing channels and data points has grown significantly, so has the understanding of the marketers. We can use this information about touchpoints to create a connection or a wholesome customer experience. In this blog post, we will be looking at how you can create a customer journey map to increase conversions. Some points covered are:

1.   What is ‘Customer Journey’ and how it is mapped?

2.   Benefits of Customer Journey Map

3.   How to create your Customer Journey map


How is the customer journey mapped?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of the journey your customer takes to conversion. To create a successful customer journey map, you need to understand the motivation/intent of the customer, and what drives them to progress through the journey. Once you are aware of these motivations, you can align them to each stage/touchpoint of their journey. So, you need to evaluate the possible areas where you need to implant the right marketing message, to provide a true customer experience, which will eventually lead to conversion.


Benefits of a Customer Journey Map

·     Understanding Customer emotions

·     Identifying gaps in service or communications

·     Reduced Cost

·     Increased Sales

·     Greater Customer Satisfaction

“Companies with customer experience management strategies see a 54% greater return on marketing investment”

How to Create your Customer Journey Map?

The below mentioned steps can help you in facilitating a customer journey map:

1.   Define your Target Audience

Target Audience plays a vital role in creating a customer journey map, as the motivation/intent factor for each segment is different and should be treated differently. You can use analytics, or insights, to get hold of the information of your current customer demographics, behaviors to interest and affinities. You can also use ‘heatmap’ or ‘clickmap’ tools to gauge where on the screen does a maximum number of customers click and using this information you can strategize conveying conversion oriented messages to your customers. Don’t forget to use A/B testing tools to see which messaging works for your target audience.

2.   Touch-points

You need to analyze the first mile and last mile transactions of your customers, to strategize about possible touch-points to increase conversions. The stages of touch-points are:


o  Consideration

o  Purchase

o  Loyalty

o  Advocacy

These touch-points will help you define a goal for your customer journey and you will be able to get insights on their pain points, which hinders conversion.

3.   Visualize

Now, as you have the insights, touch-points, and data in place, plan your marketing messages and sources effectively, to fuel up the conversion path. Based on the chosen marketing channels, visualize your path with metrics throughout the funnel to follow the conversions.

Example of Customer Journey Map
Example of Customer Journey Map

Summary: Each customer is different. Therefore, we need to curate a personalized experience for each and every customer, using customer journey mapping to increase the conversions.

Hope this was helpful. If you have any query or feedback, kindly share your response and I would get back to you.

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